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Naga is op.


naga's rip tide (i think thats what its called..) well, 3rd ability dmg can stack with other mirror image.. which it shouldnt do.. i mean. around 200dmg X5 with -5.. that hurts.. it wasnt like that b4.. HER NET. *u cant blink or manta out.* idk bout invis. but it still hold u in place. u just simply cant escape her net w/o bkb. net should b blink-able  fix naga pl0x. i mean wut else could u possibly want? a free manta, >a net that u cant escape for 5sec w/o bkb<, >a nuke that stacks with other image< and a escape. only ppl with beta key and vs'd naga can only understand this. :L

She actually isn't necessarily OP. An enemy in multiple AoEs will only get hit once by Rip Tide.
The net doesn't deal any damage on its own and the illusions die off really quickly if you just have a few aoe nukes at your disposal.


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