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Author Topic: Free Steamwallet in 2weeks, why not?  (Read 784 times)

Offline nguyenducquy

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Free Steamwallet in 2weeks, why not?
« on: September 04, 2014, 11:03:01 PM »
Well, as you know there are so many webistes offer us a Steamwallet in Bitcoin now, so 2day i would like to tell you how to earn enough Bitcoin in 2 weeks to buy a $20 Steamwallet (=0,044 bitcoin).
This way include 3 steps:

Step 1: Create a bitcoin address
Like a bank, you have create your accout to save your money. Here are some trusted sites you can try.
coinbase.com or blockchain.info.
For example, this is my bitcoin address: 1MNai12G7vmGNTghve74Yjen4V6Z6nDFzX

Step 2: Earn free bitcoin
There are too many ways to earn free bitcoin, but i think these are the quickest ways + cost least time.
1) Surf ads
You just have to click and wait, free bitcoin will automatically add to your acc until it reach a limited number to be a transaction. Most sites of this kind allowed us to do that 12h/turn.
http://tf.org/?ref=CCWbp2ufdF (this site pay lots of money)
You can read for futher information on each site.

With this, you can earn a small amount of money every hour then you can multiply it by playing games (usually rolling dice or lucky number). And you know what, i would also teach you how to do that with much more higher winning percentage, i will mention it below. Here are some cool sites of this kind.
https://www.999dice.com/?18197757 (this site is f*cking cool, you can earn lots of money if you know how to dice)

3)Solve Capcha
This way is quite slow and time-consuming so i wont mention about it, but if you are interested in it, you can let me know by your comments here then i will tell more about it.
I found 2pic which they collected most of sites and time, amount of money as well
Its in Vietnamese but i guess thats ok, easy to understand, right?

Step 3: Buy Steamwallet
Because Steam haven't used bitcoin for purchasing yet, so i can use bitcoin to buy steam wallet form these sites

Most links i post here are referral links, it means i can get a very small amount money as commision for inviting you guys ^^. It would be nice if you let me do that. If not, you can erase characters at the end of link. For instance, http://btcclicks.com/?r=f941a38d ---> http://btcclicks.com

Well, as i said, i will tell you how to play lottery (roll dice or random number) correctly. Just follow step by step.
Firstly, you have to choose a base bet. It should be small (usually =1/100 your balance). For example i will choose my base bet is 1. Then start your very first bet. There will be 2 results:
+You lose, keep double your bet until you have won (it means your bet will be 2-4-8-16-32..till you win). After you win, reset your bet to base bet (it's 1 in this case) and keep doing the same.
+You win, keep your bet (it's 1 in this case) till you lose, when you lose, you do excatly the same as above, double your bet till you win and so on.


Good luck guys, dont give up once you started
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