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Author Topic: [Hero Concept] using Io's Spirits  (Read 1196 times)

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[Hero Concept] using Io's Spirits
« on: August 19, 2011, 02:23:29 PM »
Ok, this is just a general concept, so I'm not going to hassle with numbers and fancy descriptions and names.
If anything doesn't make sense, just ask me, I'll eventually update it with details such as mana cost, etc...

Summon Souls - Active/Toggle
[insert cool description]
You need at least one level of this skill in order to make any of the others work.
Also, adds 2 sub-abilities, identical to Io's, that causes your ring of spirits to expand and contract.

This skill is very similar to Io's Spirit skill, except, instead of summoning them all at once and consuming mana once, this skill would summon a new spirit every X seconds the skill is active.
It only drains mana when a soul is summoned, so once you reach maximum of 6 souls, the mana consumption stops.

Soul Explosion - Active/Point Targeting
[inser cool description]

Once you've selected a target point to cast, the soul nearest to that point, will immediate be dislodged from its rotation - causing it to rapidly grow in size, and release a heavy explosion.
You can add nasty effects, like knock back, stun, mana burn, etc...

Defensive/Offensive - Toggle/Active
[insert cool description]

Once learned, it enables the user to switch his orbs from offensive (default)
mode, to defensive mode.

The active souls, will nou act as damage block charges.
Soul Explosion will now heal allies, instead of damaging nearby enemies.

Soul Transfer - Active/Ultimate
[insert cool description]

Once learned, it grants the user the ability to transfer his ''rings of souls'' onto enemy or allied target.
Also enables the hero to have multiple ''rings'' active.
Hero can only transfer if he has a full ''ring'' of 6 souls.
All currently active ''rings'' will expand and contract simultaneously when you use your the 2 sub-abilities provided by the main skill.

Having your ''Summon Soul'' skill active, will also resummon the souls on tranfered targets, but once they reach 0 souls, you must re-transfer once more.

Alternative Skill to potenially replace ''Offensive/Defensive'':

Soul Release - Active/Instant
[insert cool description]

Once activated, it causes all the souls to stop, and be released, causing them to travel in a straight line in the direction the were facing.
Again, can add nasty effects like stun, etc...
While in flight, player can also trigger ''Soul Explosion''.


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