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Dota2Traders Giveaway #1 (items, Dota Invites)


First off I would like a mod to tell me if this is allowed or not, I tried to contact one but didn't have any luck. If this kind of thread is prohibited, please take my apologies and let me know.

[COLOR="White"][SIZE="4"]As some of you probably know, I've been working in conjunction with a group of friends in the making of the first dedicated DotA 2 Trading site. After 3 days of next to no sleep, the selling of the biggest part of my unusual collection and some broken coding fingers :p I'm very happy to announce our website is up and running.

We have SteamREP, Backpack viewer, Trading rep plugins, and a lot of other awesome features for you to enjoy.

To celebrate, we're going to make some contests and giveaways. This is the first one, 3 lucky winners will be able to claim one of these awesome prices:

[*][COLOR="Red"]2 Full hero sets of Choice.[/COLOR]
[*][COLOR="DarkOrange"]2 Dota 2 invites.[/COLOR]
[*][COLOR="LightGreen"]1 Courier of Choice (Enduring Wardog, Morok's Mechanical Mediary, Stumpy, Trusty Mountain Yak, Fearless Badger or Mighty Boar).[/COLOR]
[*][COLOR="Yellow"]4 Treasure Keys.[/COLOR]

[SIZE="4"][COLOR="White"]"So what do I have to do to win these awesome items?"

[COLOR="Red"]Here are the steps to follow :)[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Yellow"]1.[/COLOR] Join our steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/D2Trades
[COLOR="Orange"]2.[/COLOR] Head to http://www.dota2traders.com
[COLOR="DarkOrange"]3.[/COLOR] Register.
[COLOR="Red"]4.[/COLOR] Make a thread in any forum you like :)
[COLOR="Magenta"]5.[/COLOR] Post HERE with your username and A LINK to your thread.
[COLOR="Pink"]6.[/COLOR] Wait :)

I will be picking 3 random winners when we hit 200 users and they will be able to claim any prize from the ones listed. We're growing very fast, so it shouldn't take too long :)[/COLOR]

This is just the first of a series of giveaways, stay tuned!

Gae △ Bolg, D2T Admin.


There you go^^... I'll be waiting for my courier

Soul Reaver:
Username in D2T/Steam: Soul Reaver

My thread there: http://dota2traders.com/threads/soul-reavers-shop.7808/#post-42497
My D2T: http://dota2traders.com/members/soul-reaver.4629/

Status: Waiting <3 for courier :)


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